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You'll stay comfortable in Ketchikan with amenities that include

A ski-lodge style interior featuring local native art, a river rock fireplace, beamed ceiling, overstuffed chairs and spectacular views of forest, mountains and water.

Cape Fox Lodge offers 69 guest rooms, 2 suites and one deluxe room. All of our large rooms have either a mountain view or water view and include standard amenities such as mini-refrigerator & microwave oven. Cape Fox Lodge is proud to offer three ADA compliant rooms in our main lodge with elevator access. For booking information and hotel policies, please visit our Reservations page.

Our three-story lodge is located in Tongass National Forest. The Ketchikan Airport ferry terminal is less than three miles away. A driveway and parking lot are located on top of the hill with front door access to the hotel, or if you're on foot, utilize the funicular that ascends 130 feet above downtown Ketchikan. The lobby celebrates the Alaskan landscape and culture with scenic harbor views, totem poles and wood carvings, river-rock fireplace, and pine-beamed ceiling.

Our hotel has a spa tub in both suites, and our on-site restaurant, the Heen Kahidi, has a seasonal menu that includes Alaskan King crab. The adjacent lounge has monthly drink specials and entertainment. The surrounding Tongass National Forest provides numerous recreational opportunities including flightseeing, sportfishing, eagle watching, kayaking, and hiking. Downtown Ketchikan, three blocks away, offers historic buildings and museums that explore the city's colorful past.

Cape Fox Lodge


is a subsidiary of the Cape Fox Corporation was built in 1990.Cape Fox Corporation was incorporated under the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act on November 10, 1973. The settlement acknowledged the rights of the Alaska Native people and granted them land and compensation. Cape Fox is one of the smallest of the Native Corporations with approximately 200 shareholders and is located in Saxman, three miles south of Ketchikan.

Many of the Cape Fox shareholders are direct descendants of the Tlingit, Saanya Kwaan people who inhabited Cape Fox Village, which is located approximately 50 miles south of Saxman, at Kirk Point. The Saanya Kwaan tribe is comprised of three clans, the Kiks.adi, Tekweidi and Neix.adi. One of the earliest written accounts of Cape Fox Village was recorded in 1899 when an expedition, under the direction of Edward H. Harriman, arrived at its shores.

Cape Fox recognizes the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of its ancestors. In addition to the ongoing repatriation effort, Cape Fox takes pride in its native cultural tour program and retail store in Saxman. The native tradition of providing food and shelter for traveling friends, living together under one roof, the use of native materials and making every object a thing of beauty, is evident at the Cape Fox Lodge in Ketchikan.


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