The True Alaska Journey

2022 is about taking that dream vacation finally, checking off items on our bucket lists, taking time for ourselves, and grabbing adventures when they happen. If Alaska is one of those items on your list, or you crave some culture and adventure, we have the true Alaskan experience for you.

We start in the past by showing you the culture of our true Alaska Natives; you will get to see the wildlife and beauty of our glacial fjords, and you will get up close and personal with the real Alaska as you kayak or hike the trails. You want a real adventure, Cape Fox Lodge and Alaskan Dream Cruises have partnered to give you a True Alaska journey.

When you book your cruise, you will sail from Ketchikan to Sitka or you can select to sail from Sitka to Ketchikan.  After you book your cruise, book an extra stay at our Alaska Native-built luxury lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska, Cape Fox Lodge.   Cape Fox Lodge has the best breathtaking views of Ketchikan and offers you adventure, relaxation, history, culture, and rustic charm…what more could you ask? If you book your Alaska Dream Vacation Cruise early, be sure to book a couple of days’ stay at Cape Fox Lodge to take advantage of the Cape Fox Tour packages offered. Visit Faces Of Ketchikan to explore, discover, experience, and treasure everything Ketchikan has to offer.  Cape Fox Lodge offers lavish accommodations and a personal Concierge Service to help you with every step of your stay at the Lodge.

Personal Concierge Service

Get a Taste of the Southeast

Each day you can also enjoy a meal at one of our dining establishments and get a taste of the Southeast. Our premier chefs create culinary art, and delighted customers come back time and again to view our latest food creations.

With this partnership you will get to enjoy the adventure Ketchikan has to offer, and the real sights and adventure of an Alaskan Dream Cruise. By partnering with Cape Fox Lodge, Alaskan Dream Cruises is able to offer your adventure at a discount. Stay at Cape Fox Lodge and then enjoy a discounted cruise of Southeast Alaska in an 8 night, 9-day Alaska’s Inside Passage Sojourn. Book this offer, and you can get $500 OFF PER PERSON on your cruise, $1,000 off for double occupancy.

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