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Never Stop Exploring

Visitors to Alaska want more than an experience, more than just a vacation, more than…every excursion they have ever had. Visitors to Alaska want epic adventure, inspiring culture, awesome sights, and never want to stop exploring. Alaska has something for everyone…except those who just want to sit by the pool. Who wants to do that when you can see, taste, and experience one of the most beautiful places on Earth?

What will a trip to Ketchikan, Alaska, be like? In Ketchikan, Alaska, there is a never-ending adventure ahead. So, brush those cobwebs away and get ready because every day can provide new, amazing, awe-inspiring opportunities to explore. And there is something for everyone.

Are you a nature lover? You can trek through the Tongass National Forest and experience some of the most spectacular hikes ever. It is the largest national rainforest in the United States, with almost 17 million acres. While there may not be hobbits and elves, the forest does have some of the most breathtaking views. As you hike along the trails of the Tongass, you will see beautiful snow-capped mountains, glacial fjords, alpine meadows, magnificent waterfalls, and salmon-rich streams. Though you may have to share the hiking trails with deer and even an occasional bear, it is a must-have on anyone’s bucket list. J.R.R. Tolkien could not have envisioned anything more fantastic for a nature lover to see than the Tongass.

Not into nature. Maybe history, culture, and art are more your delights. Ketchikan, Alaska, is home to three distinct tribes, Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian. Cape Fox Corporation (CFC) represents the Tlingit natives of this area. Their history began 11,000 years ago when they migrated across the Bearing Strait to a new land, finally settling along the shores of Southeast Alaska. You can learn the history of how they lived for centuries or see how they caught salmon and would smoke it for the winter. Don’t forget to check out Tlingit carvers, the Cape Fox dancers, and the unique freeform Tlingit art at our Village Store, along with weavings of blankets and mats and of course our totem poles.

If adventure is what you seek and you want the ultimate adrenaline rush, then buckle up and take off in an off-road, open-air UTV ride or an Adventure Kart ride, zipline between the cedars of the Tongass, or go where Eagles dare to tread with treetop sky bridges. If water adventures are more your speed, imagine yourself zooming over the ocean in an inflatable boat, kayaking, or canoeing the waterways and islands, or diving deep and experiencing Alaska underwater with a snorkeling adventure. Other activities to check out are taking a flightseeing tour, the one-hour Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show, a tour of the Saxman Native Village, the mountainous trails of the George Inlet Fjords, and Misty Fjords National Monument, where glacier-sculpted granite fjords rise up to 3,000 feet above sea level. Adventure in Alaska comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Gone fishing. Fishing is a favorite activity for many. Getting out on the open waters, feeling the tug of a line, and bringing in that great catch of the day. Remember Ketchikan is the Salmon Capital of the World, but we don’t just have King Salmon, Silver Salmon, and Pink Salmon, there are halibut, cutthroat trout, pacific cod, rockfish lingcod, and so many more varieties of fish to delight. So cast off your line and reel in the ultimate fishing vacation in Ketchikan.


Ketchikan is a location of choice for many avid fishing adventurers. Ketchikan lies at the center of some impressive freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities. Cape Fox Lodge and Baranof Fishing are longtime partners in working to ensure you can turn your dreams of a classic Saltwater Alaska fishing and exploration adventure into reality with two epic adventure packages.


The first travel package is our discovery package. This package is for those who are ready to learn, explore, and discover. It is for anyone who wants a big adventure on a not-so-big budget.

  • A four-night stay (1 room) at Cape Fox Lodge
  • Two days of fishing for two (6 hours/day) on a 24’ Cabin Cruiser
  • Transportation daily to Baranof’s private marina
  • *Personal Cape Fox Lodge Concierge Service to help during your entire stay

All this for $2,300 + taxes


They say one constant in this world is change…we say it is Exploration! New experiences bring with them new ideas, new knowledge, and new memories. For everyone who has dreams of being an explorer, learning, and creating adventures, the Explorer Package is for you. Our explorer package is more than just fishing. While fishing is extraordinary, we know you may want to have other experiences on vacation too.  So, if you want a big adventure in Alaska, the sky’s the limit. We have fishing, yes, but we also have culture, shopping, unique cuisine, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, ziplining, and so much more. If this sounds like your dream vacation, then our second adventure package, the explorer package, is made for you.

  • A four-night stay (3 room) at Cape Fox Lodge with an ocean-view room and the best scenic views of Ketchikan
  • Complimentary full hot or cold breakfast at Cape Fox Lodge each morning
  • Two days of fishing for six (8 hours/day) on a 30’ Cabin Cruiser
  • Attending a Cook Your Catch Event – This is a premier event where you get a private dining experience. You will have a private room and your own chef to cook up your fresh catch of the day. The cook-your-catch event happens each of the two days of fishing. The feature is the fresh fish caught that day
  • Transportation daily to Baranof’s private marina
  • *Personal Cape Fox Lodge Concierge Service to help during your entire stay

All this for $10,160 + taxes

* To see what the Cape Fox Lodge Concierge Service offers, go down to the Accommodations section below.


Cape Fox Lodge was built by Alaska Natives and has been a premier lodging establishment for visitors to Ketchikan for over 30 years. The Lodge is tucked into the hillside on the edge of the Tongass National Forest, among broad stands of spruce, hemlock, and cedar. Its breathtaking views of Ketchikan draw visitors from all over the country, who enjoy luxurious accommodations and first-class creative cuisine. A sophisticated retreat for adventurers and those with an interest in history, Cape Fox Lodge offers an inspiring getaway.

When it comes to the Alaska Native hospitality in Ketchikan, Cape Fox Lodge is in a league all its own. We offer custom services upon request, including private tours of the lobby native artifacts exhibit. Cape Fox Lodge offers a myriad of amenities and some of the most scenic views in Ketchikan. When you visit Cape Fox Lodge for your next adventure, we can offer our Personal Cape Fox Lodge Concierge Service to help during your entire stay. This service provides you with:


While walking around Ketchikan is beautiful, the Lodge will help you get to any local haunt or fishing hole with ease. Cape Fox Lodge has several vans ready to take you where you wish to go in Ketchikan.

Plan Activities or Book Restaurants

Our concierge Service can help you plan your stay in Ketchikan to maximize on your experience. We can book you into some of the best restaurants that serve a true Alaskan fare or help you find the Totem Park.

Be Your Guide

Whether you’re seeking a great night out, going on a beer-tasting excursion, or interested in discovering that unique, one-of-a-kind place to eat or drink, our concierge should be your first call.

Celebrate an Occasion or Plan Your Event 

Planning an engagement? Celebrating a birthday? Needing a place for your next business retreat? A Cape Fox Lodge concierge can help you make the moment special.


Keeping it reel! Ketchikan is known as the Salmon capital of the world. For avid fishing adventurers, Ketchikan is the location where they want to reel in their next vacation and adventure. And, with both the impressive freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities, we think you will find fishing here is “off-the-hook” amazing. 

Alaska Fishing

Let’s catch some fish! This multi-species Alaskan fishing expedition lets you feel confident that you will catch fish. Your captain will recommend those species that have been producing the most in recent weeks. During the peak of the summer season, from June 15th to August 15th at the height of the salmon run, you will have the best chance at catching multiple species. **Boxed lunches provided.

Bottom Fishing

Fishing for the largest flatfish in the world in Ketchikan’s protected waters, the Pacific Halibut, is an angler’s dream. Ketchikan’s Alaska Halibut fishing is an unforgettable experience. No matter your skill level, you will experience halibut fishing like a local. With a halibut rod and Penn reel, you will work the sandy flats, drift with the current, or anchored up, while you jig in waters as deep as 300 feet. Spend the day with an experienced Alaska Fishing guide to pursue the elusive halibut: as well as Pacific Cod, Rockfish, Black Cod, and Flounder. **Boxed lunches provided

Cook your Catch in the Wilderness

The best meal you will eat in Alaska is the fish you catch yourself. Our skilled guides escort you on a journey of discovery normally experienced only by local residents. Explore the breathtaking landscape of Alaska’s southeast coastline aboard an intimate open-air skiff. Fish for rockfish, lingcod, pacific cod, and Salmon when they are running in exclusive Ketchikan fishing locations, then dine on your catch at our remote campsite surrounded by the incredible beauty of Alaska. Perfect for serious adventures or families looking for an intimate wilderness journey, this is our highest-rated tour for its authentic Alaskan experience.


Don’t let your big dreams of adventure wait any longer. Let’s make 2023 the year you Never Stop Exploring and make your Alaskan dream adventure come true.