Sweet Mermaids was started by two women who loved the stories and adventures of mermaids and had a talent for creating sweet treats, cakes, and pastries. Today, Sweet Mermaids provides their community of neighbors, family, friends, and tourists with a unique experience with fresh-brewed coffee, fresh-baked bread, and pastries sure to entice you.

The Raven’s Brew proprietary blends are unique in the coffee world, and are prepared right in Ketchikan. They are masters of roasting and blending, which makes Raven’s Brew coffees truly stand out among the multitude of roasters in the world.

To experience the full offerings of Sweet Mermaids, stop by our Front Street location:
340 Front Street
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
(907) 225-3287

The mermaids love what they do and they hope you enjoy it, too!