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Happiness is a slice of pizza in each hand.

In 2023, CFC Commercial Group opened its doors to a new establishment, Eagles Nest. Eagles Nest is located at Cape Fox Lodge and is the new pizzeria restaurant. This outstanding establishment has been an exciting addition to the community and an exceptional hit by patrons who have raved about the pizza, the friendly service, and the beautiful views. Eagles Nest offers New York-style thin-crust pizza, sandwiches, and desserts.


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Why does Eagles Nest pizza stand out? All our pizzas are made in an authentic Italian brick pizza oven. Our chefs put their heart and creativity into each pizza option. The Cape Fox Lodge Executive Chef and the Chef at Eagle’s Nest traveled to New York City to learn from world pizza-making champions at Goodfella’s Pizza School. While you wait for your pizza, you can also enjoy one of the restaurant’s signature cocktails on the outdoor patio to get the full view of Ketchikan. The inside décor of the restaurant provides a fun atmosphere that transports you to a natural, modern, and inviting oasis amongst the trees. Guests can feel the living atmosphere of nature through eclectic mixes of design and a warm atmosphere of colors. The outdoors is brought indoors, leaving guests in awe of its unique, creative, and artistic ingenuity.

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